Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Am Soaring in the Air (Am I Gonna Fly or Fall?)

I am soaring in the air
Am I gonna fly or fall?
Because this heart of mine has given me a big overhaul

I just want to fly
I don't want to think about why I'm alive
I just want to be with I

I know I will strive
But I don't want to think about it
Because when I fly the skies
I feel the world's lies
And I don't want to feel this disguise
I don't want to think about death
Because I know it will happen and life's short
But life is precious
And if you died now
It will hurt

I just want to fly
I don't want to think about why I'm alive
I just want to be with I

Monday, September 25, 2006

Grace, My Grandma

My grandma Grace
Astionshing beauty is in your place
I see you are getting some rest
May you find some peace

You are full of so much love
And you are loved by God, above
Don't worry about what will come your way
We will always be with you

I know you got sorrow
Can't wait for the next day
But it could be the same resolution
You need to calm down your wild heart; that should be your solution

I want you to know, you aren't like any other Grandmother
You display so much talent in everything you do
I believe it will always be you and me
Forver, forever, may it be

I love you, Grandma!;)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Freedom Doesn't Exist

I stand on top of the mountain
And I feel just like a Indian a long time ago
With their spear and their arrow
Trying to kill a buffalo
To use its hide for my shelter and family
But oh no...
I really got my rifle
Trying to find a deer
So I can put it on my wall!

You know, freedom doesn't exist
Not for these little animals
Because we got everything we want, we got in our fists

You caught the shark in the net
Just take it's fin
Don't worry, you don't have to regret

Give the little calf another pill
Get it ready for the common drill
To settle the supply and demand
So we can get our fill!
And I can get another pop tart for my hand

You know, freedom doesn't exist...

To support endangered and harmed aniamls go to:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Life... What Is It?

Life... what is it?
I think I know
But the next minute I don't
It's like stained painted glass
Don't you wish it was see through?
I could know what I am living for!
Because this could be all she wrote I know

I could be living for a God
And if I let him down
I let down myself Life... what is it?

I know I could be rescued
But I want to reassured
I am outside standing in the wind
With the trees and the breeze
Autumn is coming
Is that a sign of change?
Life... what is it?

Saturday, May 06, 2006


You think you're style
For having denial
But all you're dealing with is a trial

Deny, deny, deny
I deny that I'm human
I deny that I'm imperfect
I deny that I have problems
I deny that I am alive

I hear you say "I feel bigger than the sun"
"I am stronger than you"
Anytime you find yourself fall down
Take off your crown
As you stick out your gut
You start to strut
As you say these things
Deny, deny, deny

Zero Hour Lyrics (From: Lyrics on Demand)
Eyes Of Denial Lyrics
"Cities ablaze as we race
Through a concrete maze
Eyes ablaze
And die for a nameFor heaven
In this deadly game
Tears can't quench these sands
Why fight for peace in a holy land
Night has died and with it may I
Admist wars fair the heroes lie
The smell of death chills the air
I look for myself but I'm nowhereDeliver me my prayer
Eyes of Denial"

Sunday, March 12, 2006

30 Seconds To Mars!

You know Jared Leto? He has his own band: 30 Seconds To Mars. They are one thrilling and talented band.:) They have mysterious and lyrics! Some of my favorite songs by them are "Fallen," "A Beautiful Lie," and "Attack."

I just show them in concert and I was blown away! 30 Seconds To Mars really care about their fans!;) Here is a cool url about them:

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I got lasereyes
Don't worry about me having any spies
Because I got lasereyes

I got a box full of surprises...
Here, do not fear

I will point my red ray at your head
You will think you will die
You won't have time to think
Or even blink

Death is the wage
You pay
For marching in this parade
Welcome to this masquerade

Sit down at the table with me
Remember I am you friend, not your enemy

Watch my eyes momentarily turn back into bright blue eyes
They look good natured
They look poignant
I am good
I will treat you like I should